Rotoclear vision




Remote view with the integrated Wi-Fi camera

The camera can be integrated into Rotoclear by using just two screws. At the same time, they are the power supply. The signal is transmitted wirelessly.

Suitable for polycarbonate windows and laminated safety glass

To mount Rotoclear a bonding flange is glued from the inside on the window. Rotoclear is mounted onto that flange. If glued on a polycarbonate window, the gluing area must be primered first. On glass it is possible to glue directly. Absolute cleanness is required in any case.




Order number: 99689

The camera Rotoclear vision with accessories is included in the scope of delivery. You need Rotoclear S3 version V7.1 or higher to retrofit.

1x Rotoclear vision Wi-Fi camera
2x safety glass to protect camera
2x screws
1x Special-purpose tweezers
1x Torx T5 screw driver

Total weight incl. packaging: 0,5 kg
Dimensions: 35 x 32 x 5 cm


Find the right Rotoclear products for you

Replacement Rotors

Even hardened safety glass cannot stand constant chipping permanently – the rotor will get blind over the years.

Just as off-bursted tools could crash into the window to break it.

Due to our patented concept you are able to change the rotor in less than one minute by loosening one single screw.

Replacement Rotor

Order number: 76330

Recommended for normal use

Replacement Rotor laminated

Order number: 81738

Recommended for processing aluminium

All products suitable for Rotoclear S3 type P11500




Order number: 78973

Measurement equipment to check pressure at connecting box


Straight Way Valve

Order number: 89737

For exact adjustment of sealing air

Additionally we offer a manometer and gate valves to adjust the sealing air directly at the stator.

This guarantees an absolutely tight system with the lowest air consumption possible.