Rotoclear S2

Rotoclear® S2

A clear view of all production processes at all times and under the toughest of conditions. Rotoclear® S2 rotating inspection glasses are the ideal solution wherever soiling prevents operators from gaining a clear view of operations

Rotoclear® S2 is used for metal-cutting processes in machine tools and on test benches. The rotating pane throws off cooling emulsion and turnings, leaving the view free for the machine operator and ensuring his safety.

Depending on the machine type and its casing, three basic models are available with nine different versions for installation in the machine inspection glass or for gluing to the inside of the machine inspection glass.

Tell us about any other applications that you need. We will examine these and work together with you to find a solution.

Rotoclear® S2 stands for a clear view with maximum safety.

Safety on Rotoclear® S2

We focus on the safety of setters and machine operators. The S in Rotoclear® S2 stands for the tested safety of the devices. A number of bombardment tests were performed at the BGIA (Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) to determine the behavior of the safety panes. Various models of the Rotoclear® S2 are equipped with safety panes and are available for use under various hazardous conditions.

By choosing the suitable safety pane for the types P10850 500 ff and P10850 600 ff, the uninterrupted safety chain of the machine casing is reestablished. Autz + Herrmann guarantees this with the term Integrated Safety.

Applications of the Rotoclear® S2