Installation samples


Installation – nothing simpler than that

The installation concept of Rotoclear S3 has basically changed due to its low depth compared to the previous Rotoclear models.

When installing for example Rotoclear S2 the polycarbonate disc had to be cut out due to its higher depth and mounted with the safey disc inside the machine.

Now with Rotoclear S3 the device is always mounted on the inside of the inspection window with the safety being maintained. There are different options of installation for the different machining centre windows.



Adhesive version

The device is attached to the inside of the machine tool door at eye level.


For the Adhesive Version an adhesive flange and an cover can be attached to the machine window. A two-component adhesive guarantees safe fixing.

If the Adhesive Version is chosen in combination with polycarbonate material, it is necessary to attach a primer before mounting.


Screwable version

The Screwable Version of the inspection window is fixed by means of a screw-hole circle.


Opening and closing the machine tool door, on which the bull’s eye is mounted, requires an additional supply of energy to maintain the energy balance. A flexible tube protects the cable and at the same time conducts sealing air towards the rotating window. Some original equipment manufacturers prefer to install a solid cable conduit leading the service connection via energy chain from the machine tool door to its cover. The complete packages contain any end fitting required.
For more information, please, select the corresponding operation manual.